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A protege and political client of Karl Rove, a state attorney general linked to Karl Rove's tobacco clients and large corporate interests refused to join in the national suit against Big Tobacco.

Surely confirming him to the bench would only piss off Republicans too since he believes only on sex in a marital relationship. Lesbian pussy kicking. Why did Pryor immediately launch an investigation once Siegelman became guv?

Oh, by the way, it was Karl Rove's client, the state Attorney General, who started the investigation and it was Karl Rove's client who stopped me from having a recount after my election was stolen. TampaBayTed This is bogus. Bill pryor naked. If true, this would not be the first time that a respected jurist has inadvertently revealed what lies underneath their robes. Above the Law looked in to Shuler's background and found some reasons why one might question his motives: The Obama administration never attempted to change this destructive foreign policy.

Legal Schnauzer contacted Judge Pryor last Friday via e-mail, seeking an interview about the photographs and their possible implications for his role on the federal bench. This just went up -- it's not the same as the link in the OP. Such a disgrace after the dignified and lovely Michele Obama! Judge Wade McCree left the bench after an inappropriate photo leaked though he was also embroiled in a sex scandal.

He is likely an emoitionally sick man,maybe one with an abusive past.??? Via Above The Law. Pretty bad numbers at this point. Granny super tits. I was just a closeted gay man, who got married cause it was what my religion taught me. Either 'Gender Bent' or made broken as a child like Rollins' stepson. On each occasion, at least two vehicles and two deputies came to our home and pounded on the door.

He is a federal judge. Subscribe to The Bilerico Project. One, he is too young and lacks white hair. Then again aging could change them. And I see no anti-gay theme to it. I try not to be prejudice, but the first time I met him, his tone of speech and mannerism hit me that he was gay. I would LOVE to see his reaction if that was ever dug up. A reader tipped me off earlier this week to this juicy story out of Alabama, where a former state attorney general and current federal judge is in hot water after a photograph emerged that some claim shows him posing fully nude.

Each time, he has refused to take questions or even issue a substantive comment. Brianna keilar tits. A federal judge is to be respected and if he says it's not him then weight should be given to his word.

Trump has thrown the gauntlet down before all Alabamians, as to say, so what, in your face!!!!!!!! A number of prominent Republicans became aware of the photos once they hit badpuppy.

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Bill Pryor If the photos were not of Pryor, wouldn't it be easy for the judge to invite an inquisitive reporter to his office at the Hugo Black Courthouse in downtown Birmingham, lay out several family photos of himself from the undergrad days, show that he didn't look then like the young man in the photo with a noticeable erectionand put the story to bed?

How many heterosexual men do you know who would pose for gay porn sites???? I have nothing to say to you except that these accusations are totally false. What people do in their misspent youth can be forgive. Sexy indian girl sex photo. Never dreamed I would wake up this morning to find Bill Pryor's junk staring me in the face.

Trump would come with his authoritarian party. Any charity that lets people live for free in NYC until age ???? His appointment was immediately. You created the Pryor porn-police beating connection to attack the OP.

I have nothing to say to you except that these accusations are totally false.

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Trump has used some of Wayne Madsen reporting to attack the opposing candidates. Leave a comment We want to know your opinion on this issue! In my experience, people who take their hate to the next level are trying to hide something about themselves. After all, Pryor long has touted his Catholic faith. Obviously full disclosure by Pryor was not forthcoming by him before the Senate Judiciary, but too, neither was Senator Jeff Sessions, his mentor, who was pushing for his approval.

Supreme Court, and your appearance at badpuppy. If he did, he isn't the first or the last. Mature women milf. Bill pryor naked. Response to Gravitycollapse Reply 36 Sun Oct 27, The potential Democratic presidential candidate who is a political prisoner because these republicans fixed the election probably thinks their hypocrisy merits concern! He is also, allegedly, featured in nude photographs that floated around on BadPuppy in the 90s. Trump's comments represent a breaking story, so I ask that you respond to this e-mail by 5 p.

This could be an OP. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of politics donaldtrump homophobe stories and more. Sources say Pryor was college age when the photos were taken. They were heading to Sex Island owned an operated by Jeffery Epstein. Shuler defends himself against the allegations here. Your second comment does nothing to change that.

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Steph jones naked Pryor, rescheduled a family vacation to Disney World when they discovered the Orlando, Florida, theme park had scheduled "Gay Days" festivities at the same time as their planned visit. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of politics donaldtrump homophobe stories and more.
Milf hairy tits Response to arcane1 Reply 2 Sun Oct 27, , Where is his asshole? But, for the record, while the heart of this letter addresses Pryor, the RNC and ABA would fail in their obligations to their duties, to their membership should they not pursue the continuing other outstanding malfeasances.
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