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Reflexes, though, it's too tough to call. His liquids power the suit. Two black girls naked. That said, I don't believe it would be strength or even speed that determine the fight. Master chief naked. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

I was under the impression that Geralt and witcher technique in general had an emphasis on very shallow attacks to arteries rather than dismantling someone by slicing their bones to pieces.

This could only be fair if both were unarmed. If so, he could have just watched the string release, meaning the bolt hadn't left the crossbow yet. Maybe he's remembering that moment he got shot, and compares that speed to this Yeah, before he couldn't dodge bullets and now he can. I don't know the numbers here, but I bet if I take a sword in both hands and swing it as hard as I can, I'm going to be able to generate a lot more power than I will be able to through a stabbing motion.

The fact that it's that big means it's not going to go very fast, unless they want to kill someone Or it's designed for use on augmented personnel. Topic Archived First Previous Page 3 of 3. More topics from this board Maybe it was how quickly he reacted to the touch of light on his skin. Black sexy naked pics. Running isn't all too relevant to this. We've all been there. So you also agree that Spartans can only lift 3x their body weight? Also lethality is something relative it depends on the place even a bb gun can kill you if aimed right so its not just about the size and speed of the projectile but the placement I don't see how this is relevant.

Master Chief has the reflexes to avoid bullets fired by an automatically targeting autocannon, which are a great deal faster and have a much more impressive rate of fire than a crossbow. MC has done some pretty incredible things even while unarmed though, the books are a gold mine for that, and even without his armor he still has some serious cybernetic enhancements as well as enhanced bones and such.

He is naked under the suit. They aren't supersonic, and lose a lot of momentum from bouncing off the ground. He's just more physically impressive in every respect. Considering that he regularly reacts to opponents that can literally teleport, reaction times aren't an issue. Anyway on the speed part Does geralt has his blizzard potion which increases his reflexes by a tenfold peak human reaction time is milisecs and geralt reaction time should be at the very least on that level so 10 milisecs enough to not be blitzed by chief.

Strenght wise he is as strong as letto who was capable of doing this. He always makes good points, tends not to circlejerk, and can admit when he's wrong. Naked women with shaved vaginas. Now the rounds fired at him were likely subsonic considering they're stun rounds, but that's still considerably faster than a crossbow bolt. From wiki, can we agree on that? The guard sprawled on the ground.

This was extensively discussed above, but Geralt's reflexes aren't proven to be anywhere close to Chief's. Comments that are memes for the sake of memes will be removed as well. What if Corvo CAN survive if he lands on someone?? I stated this in my direct comment to the OP, but both sides have comparable reactions times, though some are even simply better in favor of Chief, outside of armor.

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The Spartan attached his rappelling line to the trainer. It seems, to me at least, that the large size was meant to do the damage, not [necessarily] the speed.

Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. Eastern european women nude. I just get unreasonably annoyed that everyone's default Witcher is from the video games.

To my knowledge, we have two argued feats that could support it. Master chief naked. One bullet penetrated his black suit. The Cradle of Life. Furthermore, any wounds they receive heal at lightning speed. There's more energy going into him than a regular bullet assuredly. I think nkonrad may have a point here.

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In a colloquial sense, "pointblank" could easily be twice that distance, which I think is likely the case. He just needs to put his sword in front of its trajectory, like bunting a baseball. 300 nude sex scene. Ever done that wierd panic flail? Since I know people are going to bring up Geralt's featured character thread I want to point out that some of the stuff in it is really poorly interpreted and isn't representative of Geralt's abilities.

Depends on how you define that. Chief has a lot more to worry about from Geralt. It's clearly intended to be "everything is faster now" or they would explain otherwise.

I also see some people saying what you're saying if MC gets close he wins and while I don't know as much as you about MC, keep in mind that Geralt is an absolutely legendary fighter and he has Aard similar to Force Push that he has used against foes with more pure strength I think than MC.

Society and culture Languages. Travel speed is irrelevant, he's not as fast in travel speed, but he's still superhumanly fast when running and in agility. The first time he put on his suit, a vague feat that I could've replicated, if I had invincibility remember, he was being fired upon for several seconds.

The reason why I used the GAU-8 as an example is because that's modern technology, which is still going to be outdated in the 's but also gives a much close picture to what he was being shot at with.

He tried dodging bullets before, and it didn't work out. I've no doubt that Master Chief would destroy Geralt in a fist fightor if they had equal equipment, because feat wise Spartans are considerably stronger and faster.

Anyway yes, that is a crazy feat. Don't talk about guns when the topic is guns. We encourage the upvoting of all relevant content, and have a wide definition of what's acceptable. Very big nude boobs. A normal person isn't going to percieve something like that virtually at all, and lacks the speed to actually do something about it if they somehow did.

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Me to Never saw her as Naked. Geralt completely fodderises him. Oriental milf tube. Nohe can't canonically chop through someone wearing plate armour in a single swing. Well i assume that geralt reflexes should be at least on the human peak so a milisecs reaction time even when most of the time he is blitzing other humans, according to the the world of the witcher he has a potion that increases his reflexes by a tenfold, the only known potion that does that is blizzard so if he takes it and it increases his reaction time by a factor of 10 then he should react fast enough to avoid getting blitzed.

What, where did I get Lasky from what the hell am I thinking Northern Wind would almost certainly net Geralt a better shot at taking Chief down. Six more stood evenly spaced around the perimeter. I don't really feel like considering MC being lucky. It was a desperation move. Sexy girl with sexy socks As for Geralt reacting to crossbows, it's not all that impressive when you consider that even in real life, thousands of people can hit a fastball and some Japanese guy can cut BB gun pellets in half with a katana.

So yes, that seems crazy, but it doesn't seem to line up very well with the 20ms figure I read somewhere else in this thread. Standard gear at the beginning of the game would be a better fight, but I think Geralt's signs are too much of an advantage. Master chief naked. This is assuming Dr.

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