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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Busty brunette milf pov. Anjali Ramkissoon, the drunk woman that was caught on camera attacking an Uber driver and smashing his cell phone, HAS been placed on administrative leave and removed from all clinical duties.

Why did the Uber driver refuse to pick her up? He didn't press charges because she started crying in the cop car and saying it would ruin her career. We are not responsible for posted content. Anjali ramkissoon nude. Uber here just started a year ago, and already all of them clock out at 1: If your consultation with her takes more than five minutes to say " Sorry, but you've really, really screwed yourself by showing your true character in public ", then you're just running up your bill.

This does have something to do with Miami as Moma says, but I see it in a little different way. Miami doctor faces suspension over video of her attacking Uber driver. Any rational person would see that video and assume she received jail time. Basic Bollywood Bitch Hijacks Uber Pickup I'm perfectly fine with this chick losing her career and being made an example of for all the public to see.

First, a stop at " Good Morning America " with video. I've worked as a bouncer and seem some crazy shit There's quite a bit of difference between gossip and hearsay of a man saying things online or supposedly sexually harassing girls and a clearly deranged bitch assaulting an innocent man, stealing his car keys, tearing his car up, and kicking cops with most of it on video It's still mob justice.

They haven't fired her, they have just suspended her while they investigate. Asian escorts glasgow. She went to med school in Grenada. Low low low on the totem pole would be this bitchy Indian cunt. The following 7 users Like ryanf's post: You really want to change your life after this event? Anjali Ramkissoon now also has a tattoo on her right forearm. I've never kicked an Uber driver in the groin, emptied his car onto the sidewalk, and yelled "I'm have lost my mind" at random strangers.

Also her nudes arent loading me for anyone else got a different link. Uber attacker Anjali Ramkissoon explains why she is the real victim and how sorry she is. She acted like a tool and there should be consequences to that. Nothing more to lose. As a former bouncer I pity the fool who wont get out of the car if I get out and open the door.

Permalink View original View 18 posts by Jack Brisco. I'm trying to stay under the radar with a few friends.

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Then, a stop on NightLine with video. She will use her well developed kegel muscles to palpitate your penis and extract the precious bodily fluids that have accumulated in your kundalini. Jennifer lopez nude uturn. Anjali ramkissoon nude. Miami doctor faces suspension over video of her attacking Uber driver Time: Bill Nye 2 years ago.

Anjali Ramkissoon, apparently drunk after a night out on the town, has been "removed from all clinical duties. We have an update for you guys because the original article about this crazy uber drunk had overviews today alone yes, really! Uncategories Nasty Camel Jocker Dr. Here she is celebrating in Miami after her blood test for hepatitis came back negative.

Rita Ora exudes sophistication in semi-sheer black gown. Miami doctor in drunken tantrum with Uber driver finally apologizes for on-camera scuffle — 'I'm ashamed' Posted By: Lets show the truth?

Anjali Ramkissoon being called back to finish a surgical procedure she forgot she was in the middle of several hours earlier. Check the trending fomotes for new fomotes. The main reason for the court system is to make sure things run smoothly in society.

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How many other times has she done this? Anjali Ramkissoon's Potential Employers: She should be allowed a way back from this. Big tit tranny fuck. Ofays and Ofettes beating the shyt out of Uber cab drivers for whatever reason they believe they can come up with. Anjali Ramkissoon demonstrates proper beside manner. He's the one who hired the uber.

My buddy was linking me threads about it as it was going down. What's worse than the way she acted is fucking people on the Internet and the media going out and finding out her name, where she works, and any other personal details they can find to ensure her life is ruined.

Miami police officers responded to the scene but a spokesman said there was no report and there will be no investigation Ramkissoon above. People like this need to be stopped.

How the fuck is there a resident that doesn't know how to handle their liquor? Information posted with the clip explains Ramkissoon, who was dressed in tight white shorts and a red top, came 'out of nowhere' and climbed into the backseat of the Uber. Residency is a stage of graduate medical training. Where are the mods. The person filming called the Uber.

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The practice of medicine is an ancient and honorable profession. James Luttinen, an information technology specialist with the FBI's Chicago office liquors up and rapes his little babysitter. Emilia clarke hot nude. Gruntled This bitch disgusts me. Anjali ramkissoon nude. Florida Woman throws fit when Uber driver refuses to give her a lift. Sexy essex girls In addition to a tramp stamp on her lower back, Dr. And now, she's facing real life consequences, involving possibly losing her ability to practice medicine, her "big independent strong womyn job".

When I told her that I hadn't touched her she said: I've hurt so many people. It sounds like he knows her but no friend would not try to stop this behavior and definitely no friend would post it online. How the fuck is there a resident that doesn't know how to handle their liquor? What's been the feedback through e-mail?

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Www milf sex video com People like this need to be stopped. This is really concerning behavior IMO and I can't believe she will not face criminal consequences just because the victim isn't pressing charges.
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Lesbian pussy eating forced Anjali Ramkissoon waiting for a lecture to begin at her Caribbean medical school. Society doesn't hold women to any standards in behavior or for their personal safety. She is bitching whining like a child because what you didn't see is that she cannot get laid.
Young girls with great tits I was surprised to find old news articles about my doctor, who while at a pub crawl with other professionals, was dressed as captain america, had a burrito stuffed down his pants, was arrested for groping a woman, and while being booked was found to be attempting to get rid of his stash of weed. Social media Share this article. I finally pushed her out of the way so I could leave and she started with the "I can't believe you put your hands on me!
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