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If anyone's curious about the overabundance of continuity errors, well, there's your answer. Snowman 22 September So, Cledus chases Justice to get the prized shark and fun and laughter ensue. Big ass ex girlfriend. Smokey and the bandit nude. Linda McClure as Waynette Snow. The Bandit Burt Reynoldsa maverick racecar driver, makes an 80,dollar bet that he can transport a shipment of Coors beer from Texarkana, TX, to Atlanta within 28 hours.

Retrieved 20 March Knowing all of this, I still enjoy watching it. On the flip side you have the police which seems to consist of two people, the fat loud Buford T. That was the perfect way to use a different It actor and keep with the humor of the first two. Hard to believe this went into production at all, and remains a jaw-dropping experience.

So hold onto your butts and enjoy this Hot Man Retrospective. It was completely ridiculous and could have been completely taken out of the movie, and you wouldn't have missed a thing. Free babysitter lesbian porn. In an odd way, now I think about it, this franchise could well be looked upon as the 'Fast and the Furious' of its day.

If you were to show this nightmare to death-row inmates and offer them either this or lethal injection, 9 out of 10 would take the injection. The first "Smokey and the Bandit" was at least a fun experience.

Granted, Burt would come to the opening of a door for a buck and was in a weird cameo in the TV version. And of course, the big question is: After a botched improvisation in acting class, Reynolds briefly considered returning to Florida, but he soon got a part in a revival of Mister Robertsin which Charlton Heston played the starring role.

Anyone who found it funny is in urgent need of a funnybone transplant. Audible Download Audio Books. It's not easy to pull off a feathered fedora, but Burt makes it cool. I just get a kick out of seeing what a couple of million dollars really means to Hollywood. Smokey 3 is one of the biggest stinkers ever produced by a major studio. Anway, to summarize, I think the use of the anemic Trans Am is allegorical to this movie: It almost seems like a recycled plot of the original.

Chicago Film Critics Association. The main thing I remember is that there was always a grip following Mr. But each time the Enos duo seem to throw up roadblocks, Buford and his oft-ridiculed son, Junior Mike Henry, as amiable and clueless as ever just seem to keep going. Tits of the world. Not solely of course, but these fast drivin' Southern cowboys really grabbed the public's attention back in the late 70's.

Despite Burt Reynolds only agreeing to be in a cameo part at the end and no Sally Field at all studio went ahead and made this pitiful, embarrassing sequel that has Sheriff Buford T. Pat McCormick as Big Enos.

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The premise here is that those Enos boys are at it again, wanting to have some fun at the expense of someone.

May 5, Rating: Thanks for posting about this one, R While Gleason and Jerry Reed tried their best, without Reynolds and Field the film was a house missing a large part of its foundation. This third installment of Smokey and the Bandit has little in the way of redeeming qualities. Big tits girl blowjob. He asks his good ole friend Cledus the impressive Jerry Reed to don the Bandit outfit and the car. There aren't that many super duper stunts in all fairness, sure there's the obligatory 'Dukes of Hazzard' jump in the Trans Am and various bits of solid driving skills on show, but don't go expecting a 'Blues Brothers' riot of wreckage.

Things go really wrong here, Burt Reynolds isn't in it only at the end to play the bandit so the production decided that Cledus Jerry Reed becomes the bandit. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Reynolds is the son of Fern H.

Besides asking the obvious questions that this movie poses Why would "The Great One" actually star in this disaster and how could Universal create, release, and advertise this movie and still be able to sleep at night? Unbeknownst to our hero is the main reason why the sheriff is after him: The only part of the movie that made me laugh was a brief sequence where Buford and Junior Justice are in a hotel room filled with sexual deviants, and each time they open door Buford comments on the situation.

Was this photo taken inor yesterday in Brooklyn? I think this movie was great. Films directed by Burt Reynolds. June 24, Full Review…. Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. Yannick bisson naked. Smokey and the bandit nude. Now allegedly, Jackie Gleason was supposed to somehow play both Sheriff Justice as well as the Bandit. I liked it, kind of. I learned that in 11th grade driver's ed. The Trans Am was a weak-looking car by then, too.

Had Bandit known Sheriff Buford T. However, the Enises intend to make his life miserable by impeding his progress at every turn, and even enlist the help of Cletus "The Snowman" Snow Jerry Reed to impersonate the Bandit and try to steal the fish away. Retrieved 28 April While along the way, those rascally Enos dudes are going to try to stop him at any cost.

But each time the Enos duo seem to throw up roadblocks, Buford and his oft-ridiculed son, Junior Mike Henry, as amiable and clueless as ever just seem to keep going. I did like Reed allowing Buford the chance to win at the end; it was very "un-Bandit like".

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Buford, of course, turns them down, but changes his mind after boredom sets in during his free time. Hot black girls topless. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Gaze upon this photo and imagine what would have happened if Burt had taken the role of James Bond in the '70s.

Now of course there are exceptions to that rule of sequels that do just as well, if not better than the original film. Mel Pape as Nude Smokey. And yes, it did hurt to say that.

It's certainly got it's share of faults. His replacement, Dick Lowry, seems to have no particular talent of his own, and justly returned to directing television shortly after. Big tit indian chick Smokey and the bandit nude. In addition to that, the company he has this time in his car comes out of nowhere and hasn't really any dialogue.

This movie's the best. A long sequence feature Ku Klux Klan members attacking two black truck drivers is tasteless and poorly realized, and is indicative of the movie's general theme -- crude sequences thrown together with little rhyme or reason. May 5, Full Review…. And he sure beats the endless amount of screen time eaten up by Paul Williams and Pat McCormick extra corny dialogue as the Enises.

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